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Through coaching, teaching, and consulting George Sawyer instills a passion for learning in organizations, leaders, and learners.

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George Sawyer (2023)

I’m George Sawyer

Master Instructor, Coach, and Learning Strategist.

Getting learners excited about learning takes us half way to the goal. Without visionary leadership and effective strategy, learning quickly becomes a last priority and growth stagnates.

I help leaders and instructors bring excitement and measurable strategy to diverse training and enablement programs.

What Folks Say

"He has one of a kind style that all our clients have truly appreciated it. From Fortune 100 corporations to charitable non-profits, he makes it easy for anyone to become comfortable with technology with his inspirational style and excitement for the field cannot be matched."

H. Braun

"Patient, informative, knowledgeable, and approachable"


"George has a depth of knowledge about learning that is seldom found. He not only knows the theory but he has applied it and made it work in the messy real world."

K. O’Malley

"George is kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. A great instructor."


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