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What Is DiSC®?

What is DiSC®?

DiSC® is a proven personal assessment tool which accurately describes a person’s way of working and seeing the world. DiSC uses a 15 minute computer-based (or paper) quiz to generate a four-dimensional view of the individual.

How does DiSC® help my team?

DiSC® is used by teams for a wide variety of reasons. DiSC® is typically used to drive performance efficiency, minimize interpersonal tensions, and to help managers better support their teams. As with any tools, DiSC® is most effective as part of a cohesive organizational effectiveness strategy.

Do employees take it seriously?

The DiSC® assessment is very well known and respected and a facilitated DiSC® session generates a great deal of energy and optimism in an organization.

My Approach

Learn | Flourish does not simply resell DiSC assessments. It is vital that any solution be strategic, intentional, and be part of a cohesive program. I will be working with you from start to finish to assure your initiative is a demonstrable success.

How It Works?

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As powerful as DiSC is, it has little value if not used strategically and intentionally. The first step is meeting to discover your challenges and goals to see if DiSC is the best solution. Learn | Flourish has many tools at our disposal and can recommend the right fit for you. In the initial call a ballpark pricing can be given and a strategy meeting is scheduled.

Form a Strategy

Prior to implementing any solution, George will spend time talking with you and your team about goals and challenges. This helps place DiSC® in the context of a cohesive solution and identifies measurable outcomes for the initiative. At this stage a final proposal and pricing is signed.  

Implement the Solution

During this phase DiSC® assessments are distributed, workshops are conducted, and outcomes are monitored. The implementation phase often includes followups with key leadership.

Evaluate Outcomes

During the strategy phase, measurable outcomes were identified. During the final phase we monitor and evaluate that data. This phase typically includes one or more meetings with the initiative sponsor.

DiSC® Solutions

  • Build better team relationships.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce tensions.
  • Available on the Catalyst™ platform.
  • Develop great management
  • Discover powerful insights into your teams
  • Available on the Catalyst™ platform
  • Available on the Catalyst™ platform.
  • Build teams that are ready for anything.
  • Foster agility and resilience.
  • Develop emotional intelligence in high-performing, agile teams.
  • Transform conflict into productivity.
  • Gain tools to handle uncomfortable situation in the workplace.
  • Improve workplace relationships.
  • Leaders discover their own style and their impact on the team.
  • Implement a simple 3-step model for leadership.
  • Leverage DiSC® to develop a more powerful sales force.
  • Designed specifically for sales teams
  • Sales teams learn to adapt to the customer.

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