Master Instructor & Coach

George Sawyer

My passion is learning…about everything and everyone. I bring over 30 years of experience teaching and coaching in topics as diverse as farming and music, technology and spirituality. I look forward to sharing in your own learning journey. 
George Sawyer (2023)

Learning is a process, a journey. I have always eschewed the term training. Training is transactional, temporary, mechanical. Training can be (and will be) forgotten. We never forget what we really learn.

Learning is something someone wants to do. It is self-motivated. Whether that learning is about the newest sales process or about themselves, learning that is intrinsicly motivated is sticky.

My approach to learning focuses on helping everyone become true learners and not simply repositories of temporary knowledge. Learners learn best not by being told something, but by being prompted to ask the right questions and pointed toward the answers.

You don’t choose a coach or instructor because they’ve done everything right. You choose the one’s who have made all the right mistakes. It’s the mistakes that teach.

My Approach

Two Dimensions

There are myriad ways of understanding learning. My approach focuses on two: Learning and Flourishing. These two are not distinct from each other. In fact, they blur so often that one rarely happens without the other. Yet, we often build a wide moat between them. My approach is to inject the proper amount of blur.


The learning dimension is didactic and extrinsic. It is often focused on the things we need to know and do in our work and lives. I learn to repair a diesel engine or code in Python. In this dimension we often call the process training.


The flourishing dimension is more intrinsic and focused on who we are. It is still very much learning, but focused on learning about ourselves. In this dimension we often call the process coaching.

George Sawyer feeding herd of myotonic (fainting) goats.

How can this help me?

The process of Learn | Flourish applies to all types of learning; both personal and organizational. The best way to find out what you or your team need is through an exploratory consultation.

Organizations and teams often put learning off in favor of doing. Just like we do individually. Yet, we know that we can’t get over that plateau unless we grow. Learning must become an integral part of the culture if any organization wants to experience growth. Workshops for teams and leadership are the most common ways to Learn | Flourish.

Individuals often experience Learn | Flourish through coaching. Learn how to apply Learn | Flourish in your leadership and inspire your teams to embrace a learning culture.

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