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Building a Learning Culture

What is a Learning Culture?

A team or organization that prioritizes and rewards learning and growth. A learning culture embraces experimentation and risk to reap the rewards agility and growth.

Don't we already have a learning culture?

Maybe, but is it intentional and optimized? A few over-achievers on a team does not make a learning culture. Teams and organizations depend on their people to learn and grow; often unrealistically. Often the burden falls on a few who become over taxed. We rarely give them the time, resources, or permission to do the learning needed to grow optimized teams.

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How can Learn | Flourish help my team?

Learn | Flourish is a way of being that can be learned and implemented by leadership and by whole teams through workshops and coaching. Contact me to find out how Learn | Flourish can help you and your organization.

Technical Learning

Learn by Doing

Since before the turn of the century, George has been helping to bring high-tech down to Earth. Technical learning doesn’t need to be boring or easily forgotten.

What subjects does George teach?

I have always been a player coach. While I’m principally a strategist and coach, I continue to be an active technical trainer putting into practice the values of Learn | Flourish even in a traditionally mundane subject.

How can Learn | Flourish improve my training program?

We often hire trainers and rarely teachers. There is a difference. The best subject matter expert (SME) does not necessarily make the best educator. Often, it is the person who has had to struggle to learn a subject who makes the best educator. Learn | Flourish helps trainers and training teams develop the techniques and empathy to become exceptionally effective teachers.

Leadership Learning

Modeling Learning

Teams that don’t grow, die. Leadership is all about growing your team. There have been thousands of workshops and books on how to be an effective leader but there is no single definitive solution. Learn | Flourish is about modeling a learning culture and helping each team member grow.

How can Learn | Flourish help me?

I offer workshops and coaching focused on helping you bring Learn | Flourish to your teams and organizations. Learn to model Learn | Flourish behavior and how to reward your teams for growth attitudes and behaviors.

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