Coaching Services

What is coaching?

The term “coaching” can mean many things and can take many forms. George practices a form of coaching known as “narrative coaching” which helps coachees get unstuck from the unproductive and unhelpful stories we tell ourselves.

Coaching is not the same as mentoring or training. While the coach helps the client clarify their goals, the client is always in charge of setting goals. The role of the coach is to hold space for the client and guide them in hearing their stories differently to uncover new ways of imagining the future.

Individual Coaching

What is the Process?
  • The process begins with a call to understand the process and assure there is good fit.
  • A contract is signed which details the services provided and expectations.
  • A 3-hour discovery session starts the process and helps the client clarify goals.
  • Contracts normally comprise six 1-hour sessions in addition to the discovery.
How can coaching help me?
  • Get unstuck
  • Clarify goals
  • See the world differently
  • Rewrite old narratives
  • Imagine a new story
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Coaching for Organizations

How does Team Coaching Work?

Organizations often engage a coach to work with teams or individuals as a part of leadership development or to improve performance.

Organizational coaching is the same as individual coaching and differs only in scale. Organizations should not use coaching as a replacement for training or as a means of directing or disciplining employees.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Coaches have an ethical obligation of confidentiality with their clients. In organizational coaching, sessions with coachees are confidential. The agreement between the coach and the organizational sponsor will define how success will be measured and what coaches can reveal about sessions. Those agreements must be transparent to the coachee.

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