Acknowledgement and Pledge

George and Mandi Sawyer, of Learn | Flourish and custodians of the land used by Wild Haven Farm, acknowledge that the land we currently care for is the unceded land of the indigenous peoples of the area. To the best of our research, it is the home of the Mdewakanton, a sub-tribe of the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux).
George and Mandi pledge to:
  1. Acknowledge both those who came before us and those who are still here,
  2. grieve and commit to healing the injustices and atrocities done and continuing,
  3. commit to being good stewards of this land to the best of our abilities,
  4. acknowledge we have a lot to learn,
  5. acknowledge that this acknowledgement alone is of marginal value,
  6. and commit to remembering all this daily.
More information and resources we encourage you to visit Illuminative and engage actively with local groups.
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